Why Choose JK Bioenergy?

JK Bioenergy provide best solution for waste to energy, waste to briquette

Our Specialty

We work for better briquette machine product.

JK BIO ENERGY, founded in 1994, by a visionary entrepreneur, Mr.Sanjay Tilala, has been a venture that has put Gujarat on a global map. Thanks to our path breaking innovative technology, we have been leaving a green foot print across the national and global industrial landscape.

From the days of manufacturing of Ram type Briquetting press of pneumatic and mechanical type to our present range of bio-mass briquetting plants reflects our fierce dedication to creating products that inspires growth through environmental awareness. It is the noble vision of Mr.Sanjay Tilala of creating a greener tomorrow that has been driving Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools journey of growth, with a touch of green.

Every year millions of tons of agricultural wastes are generated which are either destroyed or burnt inefficiently in loose form causing air pollution. These wastes can can be recycled & can provide a renewable source of energy by converting biomass waste into high density – fuel briquettes without addition of any binder. This recycled fuel is beneficial for the environment as it conserves natural resources. What many people do not know is that recycling also prevents global warming which has a direct adverse impact on global climate.

Fuel is prime need of every industry & pollution free environment is the primeconcern of society. Serving both the purposes JK Bioenergy. is a reputed & leading Indian company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of for renewable and non- conventional energy equipment i.e. Briquetting machine & wood chipper sawdust machine for converting agro-forestry waste into White coal; Bio-mass based Briquetting System & other energy equipments. Since our inception we had manufactured & exported more than 12000 nos. of Briquetting Plants.

And it's important to choose high quality briquettes with low ash content. (When you're planning to use self made briquettes, it's better to do some research on the ash content of the raw materials and choose the biomass briquette presses with high compression power.

Briquettes are just one form of clean energy. Biomass Briquetting is the process of converting low bulk density biomass into high density and energy concentrated fuel briquettes. Every year, millions of tons of agricultural waste are generated.

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Our Contribution to Save Environment

JK Bioenergy is a reputed biomass briquettes machine manufacturer engaged in designing and installing complete waste management solutions for its esteemed clients. The company was incepted with an aim to deliver high quality and reliable briquetting machines for creating alternatives to non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, petrol etc. JK Bioenergy has a team of industry professionals who has years of experience in this domain to guide our clients for the best machinery. To achieve highest degree of customer satisfaction, our professionals first collect the requirements of the clients and then recommend best possible solutions for the waste management through our excellent product range. To meet the growing demands of fuel and energy, we have designed and installed a number of briquetting plants in India.

These biomass briquettes are also sized and shaped as per the specific requirements of our clients. High pressure briquetting machine by JK Bioenergy can produce tonnes of briquettes per day to meet the growing demands of energy and fuel. What makes our product range distinctive from all others is the research and development our professionals do before the installation of briquetting project.

Briquettes manufactured by our briquetting plant are then catered to various manufacturing facilities for the purpose of heating boilers, kilns, and furnaces. These kilns, furnaces, and boilers are heated by briquettes in an environment-friendly way and without the emission of smoke.

JK Bioenergy promises to generate alternative and natural sources of energy at low cost for the preservation of natural resource that are limited and non-renewable. Apart from this, we also ensure timely delivery of all our biomass briquetting projects.