How to Biomass of Briquette?

How to Biomass of Briquette?

The briquetting of Biomass is the process of converting agricultural and forestry waste into useful biomass briquettes. This agricultural and forestry waste includes Red Gram Stalk, Bamboo dust, Saw Dust, Cotton Stalk, Coffee husk, Bagasse, Groundnut Shell, Mustard Husk/Stalk, Pine Needles, Rice Husk, Sugar Mill Waste, Jute waste, Coir pith and other wastes & residues like Tobacco stem, Sander Dust, Castor Shell, Wild Grasses & Shrubs, Tea Waste, and Tree Bark.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing process of biomass briquettes depends upon the way the biomass is dried out. For drying out briquettes three processes are used. These are:

Among these carbonization and torrefaction are the most suitable forms. In addition, the composition of briquettes may also vary, depending upon the availability of raw material. Although, the most common process of manufacturing includes the following steps:

  • In the first step, material like saw dust, ground nut shells, along with the other allied agricultural & forestry waste is brought to the briquetting plant and supplied to the biomass briquetting machine.
  • If there is a need of grinding the material into desired grain size, a hammer mill grinder is used.
  • During this process, materials with high moisture content are first dried in direct sunlight or drier.
  • To make briquettes from more than one material, right proportion of all the materials is mixed and then fed to the machine.
  • Then the material is compressed under high mechanical pressure by biomass briquetting press into the feeder box.
  • This compression increases the temperature of material and results in softening of lignin. This lignin serves the purpose of material binding; so, no additional binder or chemical or adhesive is used.
  • Thus waste turns into cylindrical shaped briquettes which are further pushed through cooling tracks under light pressure for cooling.
  • Cooled briquettes are then broken into uniform size and packed for transportation.
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