Biomass Fuel Briquette

What is Biomass Fuel Briquette?

Biomass briquetting press produces Biomass fuel briquette from the bio waste obtained from different sources. The main sources to get this waste material are forest sites, construction sites, and agricultural industries. These fuel briquettes can be used as an alternative for non-renewable fuel coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

The main advantage of biomass fuel briquettes is that these are environment friendly and does not emit smoke when burnt. Biofuel machines and biomass fuel machines manufactured by JK Bioenergy are used produce biomass fuel briquettes.

Depending upon the use, biomass briquettes are Manufactured in various sizes and shapes (cylindrical and square generally). The hole in the mid of the briquettes allows for a greater surface area, creating a high combustion rate.

Biomass briquettes are a perfect replacement of non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, natural gas etc. which are used for variety of purposes.

Formation of briquette through biomass waste is accomplished by using binder less technology that doesn’t require adding a binding agent separately.

Advantages of biomass briquettes

The process of briquettes manufacturing is completely eco-friendly as biomass waste is easily available. This conversion of biomass waste into briquettes through Bio fuel briquettes unit results into reduction of agricultural and forestry waste; which is one of the prime reasons of environment pollution. These briquettes when used for providing heat to the boilers and for the purpose of cooking don’t release smoke.

In agro-based countries like India, the biomass waste is easily available. So, collecting it for making briquettes is very economical.

Briquettes are formed with binder less technology and by using green and organic waste.

Briquettes are formed either in the cylindrical or rectangular logs; that makes it storage and transportation easier.