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Why Briquette Machine?

JK Bio Energy is best quality briquette machine products supplier.

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Turn waste into value

From a variety of 110 wood-based, agricultural & other residues, we turn our customer's waste into additional profits by offering tailor made briquetting solutions to get rid of excess residues.
With more than 30 years of experience in the briquetting industry, JK Bio Energy offers professional turnkey solutions to international businesses, farmers, the wood industry and much more. We turn waste into value without having to consider logistics and extra storage.

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Why choose briquetting?

Briquetting press, briquetting plant, briquetting machine is the ideal and sustainable alternative for a more efficient handling of production residues. By reducing their volume, you save space, as well as time and costs for handling, storage and transport, while also earning higher revenues! Furthermore, by briquetting machine chips, you recover expensive cooling lubricants and potentially achieve a higher smelting yield.

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How do I find the right briquetting machine?

We have many years of experience in briquetting which means that our experts are well-qualified to provide you with professional advice in choosing the right briquette press. We work with you to identify your individual requirements on the basis of the material in question and the production conditions. This then allows us to offer you custom-made briquetting machines or even complete briquetting solutions.

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Are briquettes clean energy?

Briquettes are just one form of clean energy. Biomass Briquetting is the process of converting low bulk density biomass into high density and energy concentrated fuel briquettes. Every year, millions of tons of agricultural waste are generated.

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What is briquetting plant?

Briquetting plant is basically a technology which turns all kind of forestry, industrial and agricultural waste into solid fuel. Briquette machines turn the finished element into cylindrical logs with the help of high mechanical pressure this is done without any help of binder.

jk bio energy
Why is briquettes important?

Briquettes are more sustainable and more energy-efficient and could reduce the pressure on forests and lower pollution levels in urban areas, that is, if more people start using them. Why briquette is a good business case! You are able to convert briquettes into process energy! Volume reduction - saving transport costs! Saving landfill costs!

Briquette Machine for Sustainable Future

JK Bio energy is reputed manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of all types of briquette machine in India. The company was established in 1994 with an aim to produce waste management solutions for clean and greener environment. Our heavy-duty machinery is recognized for processing industrial, agricultural and forestry waste and converting them into sources of fuel and energy..

JK Bioenergy is a quality-concerned and customer-oriented company with prime focus on delivering finest range of bio-fuel briquetting equipments and machinery at reasonable cost. State-of-the-art infrastructure, modern equipments and machinery, highly advanced testing laboratory, and a team of qualified professionals with excellent craftsmanship are the biggest assets of the company.

Biomass Briquetting Machine: Pledges for Greener Tomorrow

JK Bioenergy is highly focused on creating a greener tomorrow through its excellent product range. From the procurement of raw materials to the final delivery of products, our professionals keep a constant vigil on the entire process of biomass briquetting machine manufacturing and other allied projects targeted on waste management.

Briquette Machine: Turning waste into valuable

Effective management of agro-forestry waste is a major issue today. To bring environment-friendly solutions of this problem, JK Bio energy a provide briquette machine manufacturer. These machine are easy to operate, require less maintenance and offered at low cost.

Briquetting Plant- Converting Waste into briquette

Bio-fuel briquetting plant is a plant where all type of agro and forestry waste is converted into the sources of fuel and energy. The plant provides right atmosphere by maintaining the optimum temperature for the efficient conversion of waste into valuable and environment-friendly briquettes. Our high quality briquetting machine have been installed in ample of briquetting plant in India that are aimed at generating sources of fuel and energy.

JK Bioenergy Briquetting Press

High quality briquetting press manufactured and supplied by world’s best briquetting machine supplier JK Bioenergy, has been appreciated for generating alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. These briquette presses are recognized for producing the briquettes with a binder less technology that doesn’t require addition of binding agents during the entire process of briquette.

Advantage with JK Bioenergy

JK Bioenergy is committed to offer finest range of briquetting machines that is manufactured at par with international standards.

Pioneer in the domain of briquetting machine manufacturing since 1994.

We know the importance of keeping our customers briquetting or compacting operations running efficiently and properly.

At JK Bioenergy, professionals understand the importance of providing customers highly efficient briquetting machinery at low cost.

Every machine at JK Bioenergy is designed and manufactured to meet the customized requirements of its esteemed clients.

Fully furnished manufacturing unit to produce high quality briquetting machines and equipments.

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our best briquetting press machine, wood chipper machine and sawdust dryer

Responsive Briquetting Press Design

We are happy to experience your interest in our products!

We consider ourselves as leading experts in mechanical briquette press manufacturing, a position that has been created through more than 30 years of experience. We would like to share that know-how with you too!

Very useful Briquetting Machine

The briquetting process is the conversion of agricultural waste into uniformly shaped briquettes that are easy to use, transport, and store.

high production Design

Production capacity: 1200-2500 kg/hr. Finished product size: 90mm Dia. Practical used Amp. : 75- 85 Amp (Approx.) Power consumption: 30-35 units/hr. Practical used Amp. : 75- 85 Amp (Approx.) Power consumption: 30-35 units/hr.

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JK Bio Energy provide best solutions for your waste into briquette product

briquetting machine

Briquetting Machine

Manufacturer of Briquetting Machine - Fully Automatic Biomass Briquette Machine, Jumbo Briquetting Machine, offered by White Coal Machine.

briquetting plant

Briquetting Plant

Manufacturer of Briquetting Plant - Fully Automatic Biomass Briquette Plant, Jumbo Briquetting Plant, offered by White Coal Plant.

briquetting press

Briquetting Press

Manufacturer of Briquetting Press - Fully Automatic Biomass Briquette Press, Jumbo Briquetting Press, offered by White Coal Press.

Sawdust Making Machine

Sawdust Making Machine

Manufacturer of Sawdust Making Machine - Fully Automatic wood chipper grinder, Wood Sawdust Mchine, offered by Sawdust Press.

Wood chipper machine

Wood Chipper Machine

Manufacturer of Wood Chipper Machine - Fully Automatic Wood log Chipper Machine, Wood grinder Mchine, offered by Wood Chipper Press.

Wood Powder Machine

Wood Powder Machine

Manufacturer of Wood Powder Mchine - Fully Automatic Wood log powder Machine, Wood Powder Making Mchine, offered by Wood Powder Press.

Sawdust dryer

Sawdust Dryer

Manufacturer of Sawdust Dryer - Fully Automatic Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine, Sawdust Dryer Plant, offered by Sawdust Drying System.

biomass dryer

Biomass Dryer

Manufacturer of Biomass Dryer - Fully Automatic Biomass Dryer Machine, Agro Dryer Plant, offered by Agro Waste Drying System.

Wood Powder Dryer

Wood Powder Dryer

Manufacturer of wood Powder Dryer - Fully Automatic Wood Sawdust Dryer, Wood Powder Dryer Plant, offered by Wood Powder Drying System.

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“Individually We are One drop, But together we are an Ocean.”

Management Team

Identify and evaluate trend and options for establishing strategic goals. Maintain quality service by enforcing quality and customer service standards. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.


Our sales team always listen customers requirements and presenting them appropriate support to make a sale. Giving them best solutions in their queries. Maintaining regular correspondence with clients for longer business relationship.


Our technical team aims to give latest technology to our clients. Keep on updating machines as per updated version of technology. Also established outstanding working relationship with clients by solving their technical issues instantly.


We are global manufacturer of Briquetting technology. We founded with a goal to make the world eco-friendly by adapting renewable energy system and till date we are working on it. We are patent registered, ISO and CE certified company for Quality Assurance.


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The Briquetting Machine

JK Bio Energy Amazing Briquetting press, wood powder machine & Biomass-Sawdust-Dryer

Amazing Briquetting Press

Briquetting Press machine is the process of converting low bulk density biomass into high density and energy concentrated fuel briquettes.

Amazing Wood Powder Machine

Wood Powder Machine, sawdust making machine is designed and manufactured to Process agro waste, forestry waste.

Biomass & Sawdust Dryer

Every nation’s growth story is powered by Conventional source of energy like coal, natural gas, lignite etc. But over a period of time...


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