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Raw Material

Country wise availability of Raw Material


Palm husk , Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Rice husk char , Wood Chips,


Labakshi, Lantana, Banmara, Saw Dust, Cotton shells, Cotton Husk , Cotton Stalk, Katra Grass, Agerntum , Thakalkanda, Ficus


Saw dust,  Other Agro waste,


Corn cob , Corn cob waste


Ceder cones, Sow dust, Wood Chips


Saw dust, Wood Chips, Rice Husk, bark, chips and woody materials, Oliveyard waste, Vineyard waste, Straw and Husk,


Rice husk , Saw Dust, Rubber Wood Dust , Rice char [ash] , Rice stem, Rice Busha


Amla Seed , Almonds, Babool, Bagasse, Bamboo dust briquette,  Coffee husk, Castor seed shell, Cashew shell, Coir pith, Coconut shell,  Cotton shells, Rice husk, Paddy Straw,  Saw dust,  Tea waste ,  Soyabean husk, Jute waste, Tobacco waste, Groundnut Shell, Cotton Stalks / Chips, Mustard Stalk, etc.

The Bio-Mass/Agro Forestry Waste

We know that agricultural wastes are generated million of tons every year. These are either none used of burnt inefficiently in their loose form causing air pollution. Handling and transportation of these materials is also very difficult due to their low density.

JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS provides the solution to use this wastage in best form. This wastage can easily convert into high-density fuel(Briquettes) with the help of Biomass Briquetting Plant.

In India & other agro based Countries have lots of scope for this project due to huge availability of Biomass.

Specification of Raw Material

Size : Max. 20mm.
Moisture : Below 10%

Rate of Raw Material

The Rate of Raw Material varies as it depends upon the availability and location.

Process of Raw Material (If required)

  • Most of Biomasses can be used directly as per specification.
  • if the raw material has more than 15% of moisture contains, drying process is required.
  • If the raw material is longer than 30mm, cutting process is required.


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