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Powder Making Unit

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In Super 65 and Supreme 75 model, Powder making machine is used to make powder form of agro forestry waste, which is used as a raw material. This powder making machine is a new type of function for crushing and rough grinding raw material. Raw materials are feeded into screw conveyor for cutting and granulating to hammer mill, dryers and briquetting machine. It is designed for continuous operation.

- SCREW CONVEYOR : Feeds raw material into hammer mill
- HAMMER MILL : Reduces the size of raw material into powdery form
- BLOWER, PIPE, CYCLONE & AIRLOCK : Stores powdery raw material
- SCREW CONVEYOR : Conveys material up to briquetting press

PRODUCTION CAPICITY :1500-1800 Kgs /Hrs Depends on raw material
Electric Motor for Hammer Mill  
25 HP main motor.  
3 HP Fan motor  
1 HP Conveyer motor  
0.5 HP Rotary Drum Motor  

Powder Making Unit, with advance technology offering very high capacity up to 1500 kg/hr. It converts agro and forestry waste into powder form to make it suitable for used in briquetting machine to make briquettes or white coal.

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Heavy-Duty Powder Making Machines

Briquettes or Biomass Briquettes are a form of Bio Fuel which is produced from waste material. There are three main sources of waste materials to use as raw material for making Briquettes: Agricultural fields; Forest fields; and Construction fields etc. All this different stuff has irregular shape and thus prior to process it in Briquetting Machines, it is first processed under different machines like Crusher, Shredder, and Turbo Dryer etc.

This particular machine is used for slicing uneven size of the raw material brought to Briquetting plants from various sources. It has sharp metal teeth to slice hard to hard material in fractions of seconds and prepares the raw for shredding process.

Process of Shredding comes after Crushing of raw material. In this process small and tiny particles of raw material are grated to convert them to the form of powder.   

Wood Powder Making Machines manufactured at JK Bioenergy are robust, strong, and long lasting. It offers both single process machines and combo process machines. The former type of machines performs one particular process at one point in time and the latter type of machines performs two processes at the same time.  Therefore, the second type which is also known as Crusher/Shredder is the best choice to produce maximum amount of Briquettes in less time.


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